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Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2016
My daughter is a bully. I've talked to here. Done different exercises to try to show her what she is doing. Yet she keeps doing it. So I decided to give this book a try. I really liked the way it was formatted and super relatable for a 2nd grader. "Mom looked like she sucked a lemon. Dad looked like steam was coming out of his ear." If that doesn't depict my husband and myself I don't know what will? It was written like a journal with pictures and facts through out the book to keep the interest.

One Saturday while I went to work, I left this book for my daughter and printed out a book report template. I told her I wanted her to read this book and write a book report for me. She comes to me when I get home and shows me it. Impromptu I asked her to help me write down all the things she realized she does as a bully. She of course was "Mama I don't do those things!", after I told her she was in a "safe zone" we started to work together to write down all the things she has done as a bully using the book to help. My goal was to fill the whole page up but I didn't tel her this. After we filled the page, I made a point to have her see how we filled the whole page with all of her actions. From there I went through each bullying moment and asked her how she would feel if someone did this to her? Four things repeated themselves over and over 1. Emotionally Hurt 2. Physically Hurt 3.Lose friends 4.No Trust

I truly felt like it was a great learning moment for us.
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