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Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2018
Famously it has been said, there are only so many ways to say "Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin." In this book we see every variant of "Red Flag changed everything."

But of course that is a very important thing to say. Red Flag did change everything. The Air Force had a tougher time than they should have had in Vietnam. After Vietnam (unlike after Korea) they learned the lesson and stepped up training.

We also read every variation of "Tactical air and strategic air are the same thing" and "Training not technology."

That established, we then go on to read that the Air Force Way of War is to disassemble the enemy air-defense network to establish supremacy before the air-to-ground work can really start.

There are some things the author left out. He makes little mention of the use of drones, either as cruise missiles, or the much-overlooked decoys. He does not give enough weight to the importance of sortie-generation rates, a lesson the Israeli taught us.

He makes not a single mention of air base defense, security, recovery and all that. But then again nobody much does. (The bad guys will exploit that in time.)

You might want to try the free sample first. Most of the theme explored in this fine work are introduced in the first bit. The book ends at the seventy-percent mark to make way for the footnotes.
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