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Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2019
I bought this as a combo to go with a 50" TCL TV. Having owned a 55" for a couple of years now, I know the built in TV speakers are pretty bad, so I wanted to improve upon that.

This soundbar does sound good out of the box. I would prefer the ability to do some tweaks (treble/bass/etc) but none of that is available. It's good enough for a bedroom, but nothing like the quality you'd want in a home theater.

My biggest gripe is that the Alto 5 doesn't have an HDMI ARC input. Using that with the TCL TV is completely seamless on my other TV. I probably wouldn't have purchased this if I'd known it didn't have ARC (the reviews for the 7 mention ARC, so I assumed they all had it). I have to use optical, and while it works, and the vol up and down buttons on the roku remote control the device, the mute button is now completely disabled. Also, there is no on screen volume level indicator, either.

For something from the same brand as the TV, it sure doesn't integrate well. Needs HDMI ARC input!
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