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Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2018
This book, written by a christian minister, has a lot of life wisdom to it that I find myself relating to them: Specifically, the "5 Languages of Love" that it explains. They make a lot of sense to me and manage to explain a few things in my life that had me confused before and i am eager to experiment and see how they take form in my personal day to day life and how I can use the knowledge from this book to improve my life.

However, one specific cavet I do have with this book: it's religious undertones. While this should be expected from an author who is a devout christian, I did still find myself a bit suprised how the author goes on about why "cohabiting" (living with a partner that includes sexual relations that are outside of a marrige) is bad and a lot of references to God, Jesus and holy scripture quotes. I, being the non-religious person that I am, just fundamentally disagree with the claim that sexual relations must only happen under a holy "marrige" arrangment and that anything outside that range is potentially harmful....

But, despite this issue I have with a specific part from the contents of this books, the rest of his advice and knowledge seems very good and intelligent. Worth a read for sure.
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