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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2020
Horribly poor plot and no answers to most questions. This seriously reads like a poor copy cat author that tried to lump all Mconnellys characters in a book but failed to capture any of their real personalities in the story. Bosch is simply a bumbling byline that never does anything productive while the rest of the case characters fail to really answer any of the questions raised by the story. Then to top it all off attempting to insert the current Covid flu into it makes for a weird fragmented item. It feels like the author felt the need to insert a few random unrelated facts into the story for no reason but to muddy the waters. Like inserting someone’s choice of breakfast cereal into a story about werewolves. Lastly the pathetic attempts to score political points by a few digs at Trump, Fox News, and Trump supporters was so pathetic and childish it made me laugh. Really? You’re a best selling author and you feel the need to insert current political opinions into a rag tag story in an attempt to make it relevant?? I’ve read every single Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer book so far. After this let down I’m not sure I’ll spend the money again.
It like a redneck and a BLM protester attempted to write a book.
Bottom line, rushed, pathetic plot, no real answers, and cheap political shots.
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