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Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2019
What an amazing conclusion to what has been a non-stop thrill ride of a series! (please don’t let it really be over!!) This third installment didn’t pull any punches and jumped right into the action, holding me rapt all the way through. There really just aren’t enough good things to say about this book and this series as a whole. Alexis has become a serious force to be reckoned with and Valens isn’t going to know what hit him when the team comes for him! Bria was as hilarious as ever still and definitely has won a place in my heart. I really loved the way little things (like what their powers really are) about Keiran’s Six are still slowly getting revealed to us. I see SO much potential for spin-offs in every character of this series! I also really enjoyed how thorough K. F. Breene was in her world building, Valens isn’t the only threat we see the crew go up against, even in this culmination story. Adversity builds strength and character and Sin & Salvation was not lacking in adversity in the slightest. Despite there being a lot happening in this story, it doesn’t feel confused and it doesn’t feel rushed. Everything that happens feels like a natural, and needed, resolution to previous story lines and loose ends while still advancing the gang’s readiness for the final confrontation. That being said, I ended the book with still a couple questions in my mind and am hoping for more stories in this world where I will get my answers!!
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