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Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2019
This is an outstanding anthology by today's crème de la crème of horror authors. There is not one story that disappoints, and all contributions are high above average. The common theme here is ghosts, and we get a wide variety of them: traditional and modern, haunted and gory, human and animal, and everything else in between...

Selecting my favorite stories here is almost impossible, as all of them are more than worth their place in this book. However, if tortured to name my top stories, it would be: 'Those Who Are Terrified (Elizabeth Massie)' which is a rather sad story about a family's darkest secrets. 'Join My Club (Somer Canon)' which is another sad story about two lost little kids. 'New Blood, Old Skin (Glenn Rolfe)' which is both creepy and somehow cute. 'The Glimmer Girls (Kenneth McKinley)' which is the most shocking, especially as it is based on rather gruesome and unbelievable true events.

There's not enough praise to give to this anthology, and if you haven't read it yet: do so now - you definitely won't regret it. Highest recommendation!
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