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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2014
This was recommended to me by a really bright eleven year-old South Korean girl who is excelling at mastering English as her second language. How could I not check it out when she was so excited to tell me about it?

I liked Nick because he is so smart and creative. I loved Miss Granger because she is a great teacher, the kind who really is passionate about her job and puts in the time and effort to make sure the kids learn the most they can as her students. I loved the focus on words and the emphasis on how important they are - I, too, love dictionaries and encyclopedias! Also, the references to chess and battles were clever.

The aspect of the story I enjoyed least was when tv coverage and national media coverage became a part of it all. That happens all the time over any little thing, things go viral, things become memes one day and are forgotten the next, people become famous all too easily for very little reason or substance at all, so I wanted to move beyond that very quickly.

Overall, it was an interesting and fun read and I can't wait to chat to Minju about it in more detail when I see her next!
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