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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 22, 2018
I watched the movie on the Hallmark channel and liked it. Good acting, though the character of the daughter is that of an immature spoiled brat who eventually overcomes herself in the end to actually become a mature adult. Her father (Lance Hendriksen) is a stubborn tough old timer who must compromise with his daughter's innovative plans to save the ranch and have a relationship. The real hero is the cowboy (old time friend) who struggles to bring the two struggling sides together as a family.
PS I guess I am a person who is somewhat clueless to stars of network TV. When I bought the movie I had no idea who Jennie Garth was or is-I am a big Lance H. fan however. At the end of the day what could go wrong with a ranch with an abundance of horses and cowboys. Contrary to a lot of the reviews, I was not looking for a dramatic masterpiece. As a frequent viewer of the Hallmark channel, I enjoy the predictable feel good plots and endings which by real world standards may not be realistic-this is why I like this type of movie. In passing let me state that I am a grandfather who could readily identify with the position of the father over the daughter's-though they must both compromise and loosen up considerably.
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