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Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2019
Ive liked Tao from the very first book. I think hes a great character. I even really like Riley. I think it's cool that shes a raven shifter. There hasn't been much about any other kinds of shifters so it was interesting. The story is good. Suzanne is getting better about using different words and calming some of the intense parts down a bit. She still uses a lot of the same things but I think shes getting better about it.

Here comes the part I object to. It was a super small thing but it was really irritating to me.

You know I get that people either like Trump or they dont. With it being such a big thing right now why add to the upset and bring him into a book that has literally nothing to do with politics? She could have left that out so easily. Do we not have enough upset in the world already? It wasnt necessary and all she did by it was I'm sure piss off some of her readers.

Is stating that you dont like Trump really worth upsetting some of your readers? Do you have too many readers?

Is putting her opinion about the President of the United States of America in her book so important to Suzanne Wright that she'd prefer to lose readers just to state her opinion of him? Apparently so and I find that childish. Yes it's her right to say it but at the same time if it's just spreading drama, is it really a worth it? Just because you can doesnt mean you should. What's the point? Does leaning to one side or the other really hold that much importance? If so that's really sad.

Why not give people an escape from all the drama and hate and let them forget about it for awhile as they read her books? She has a great series here and I've really liked them so far.

I personally try and stay away from the drama from BOTH sides. One of the main reason I read is to get away from it and I find its creeping into more and more books. Which makes me very sad. You cant seem to get away from it anywhere now.

I'm not saying I like the guy but by putting that in there shes stirring the drama. I dont like books that do that. It leaves a bad whatever for me about the book.

I like the characters though. Tao has been a favorite of mine throughout the Phoenix pack books and I've been reading her books like a mad women just to get to Taos book. I wont hold it against him that Suzanne used him to spread the drama. BUT I wont recommend this book either.
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