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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2013
Usually I'm skeptical about claims you see on TV for miracle cures but my little Niles (14 year old Maltese) was in such pain I had to try them.

Niles has an autoimmune disease since he was young and we have to keep him on medicine every day to ward away the disease. Every once in a while it flares up real severe and he starts crippling and even whimpering at night as he sleeps. Poor little guy. When that happens we have to take him into the vet to get special treatment. After the treatments his pain will go away again and until recently the maintenance medicine will keep it at bay for a few months and back it comes with a vengeance.

Now the flare ups are coming more frequently and it only takes a month or less for them to come back. I can see where Niles starts crippling around and eventually he has a hard time walking at all.

This last time I started to see the onset of the crippling so I ordered Cosequin and started giving it to him with his morning breakfast. I can't believe the results.

It has only been a couple of weeks and the dog is actually running and chasing after the other two Maltese I have like a little puppy. While he is not 100% OK yet he is so much better. He is now jumping up on the couch and there was no way he could have done that before as his pain came on.

Incredible stuff!! I don't know what you have in there Nutramax but it really works.

I'll be ordering it on a regular basis for my little Niles.
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