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Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2018
SPOILERS. I was rooting for Sookie and Eric. Shaky as their relationship was, I wanted it to work. I wanted her to embrace her title as his wife, not without still being herself of course. But she just won’t get that happy ending with a vampire will she? I was so irritated at the betrothal of Eric to someone else that it stressed me out in real life! It made me want to hurry up and get the book over with because the story took a turn in the direction I didn’t want. I looove the romance portion of these stories and now its becoming an afterthought. So is Bill. The computer thing is lame for him, I think. Eric is powerful and always gets what he wants so to see him start to falter is pulling from his credibility. Readers get off on how powerful and invincible a character is. Not without their own struggles, we like to see that too, but now his character is starting to tumble down hill and it saddens me. I have read 11 books in a little over two weeks time. I love this series and will be sad if it fizzles out. I loved the show too and Sookie didn’t catch a fairy tale romance there either. I’m hanging on the edge of a romantic cliff and no one plans to throw me a rope here! You’re killing me!! The book was still good. A little more filler and repetition than we need at this point in the series, but still good writing and action.
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