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Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2017
This book outlines pretty much exactly what I needed: a short, streamlined version of how to publish on Amazon. I too have read countless books on publishing only to never get anything off the ground. There are so many steps and so much to do with other methods that overwhelm kicks in and I never get very far. I'm very excited about following Mr. Brehm's advice. He also offers some free resources, such as free access to his Bestseller 101 course as well as access to his launch team.

I had originally deducted two stars because there was some difficulty obtaining access to the free downloads offered in the book. But as expected, Mr. Brehm's team followed up (as you can see in the comment) and fixed the issue. I highly recommend giving Mr. Brehm's system a try. I am finding I am up against a wall and absolutely must publish my books soon. So I like how he advises just getting it done and uploaded onto Amazon and then fix other details afterward. This should help those of us who suffer from "paralysis by analysis," that perfectionism that keeps us from ever getting anything done!
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