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Reviewed in the United States on September 3, 2019
I have been following some of these same principals in this book for over ten years so I can say that they work. I am 56 years old and after getting lasik surgery 12 years ago, my eyes immediately started to get worse again. Before the surgery I was at -7.75. About two years after the surgery I refused to get a stronger prescription that year and every year after, although the optometrist suggested a stronger prescription after every single visit. And happily my prescription has stayed the same, at -1.75. Although my experience is not conclusive, my eyes do get strained and it's harder to see as well the rare times I read fine print for a period of time. I then have to do the exercises to get my eyesight back to what it was. I almost always use the Kindle to read my books using a larger font. Now I plan to work harder to reverse my myopia based on the suggestions in this book.

This book includes both science as well as action steps for readers. I think it is well written and I hope people will try the exercises and follow the suggestions. Especially younger readers so they can prevent myopia.
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