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Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2018
Akata Witch is very much a read-alike for the Harry Potter series, only it is set in Africa. Nigeria, to be precise.

Sunny Nwazue discovers she's a witch at age 12 (not 11) and she makes three best friends (not 2) but otherwise her adventures are similar in feel to Harry's, especially in the first book.

Sunny, too, goes to "Hogwarts" but she has to continue attending her regular Muggle school by day and only go to "Witch" school a few times a week at night.

Also, like Harry, she can't tell any of her Muggle family that the entire magical world of the witches exists or what she is doing when she's far from home.

Like Harry, Sunny more than once finds herself and her friends in mortal peril. Young magicians are not shielded from danger to the extent that young Muggles are. Fortunately, one of Sunny's new friends is a strong witch. And one of her friends has the talent to "undo" or reverse magic. [That's always a good talent to have!]

I particularly liked how you earn the "magic" money chittum. You earn it for knowledge gained, not for brave deeds done. That is a cool system. You try out a new charm (or whatever). If it works and you learn something new from it, suddenly your chittum rains down on the floor beside you!

One of Sunny's new friends is straight from Chicago. He doesn't even speak Igbo yet (one of the local African languages). Sunny is American, too, but fortunately speaks Igbo as well as English. So, we get to see African culture from an American perspective, too.

Highly recommended!
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