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Reviewed in the United States on March 6, 2021
First off I'm 54 years old and a avid reader and this was my very first Danielle Steel book , I don't know how that happened but it's the truth .So I was excited to give her a try after seeing her on GMA and her and Robin Roberts discussing the read . I really liked the book but I wasn't thrilled with the ending. It's a personal opinion but I just couldn't relate to two of the sisters and spouses outcome. I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say too much. I'll just say that two important characters and their spouses had a big hurdle to overcome or not and I was enjoying this storyline and telling until the end .The ending was like a Disney movie but it didn't go with the seriousness of the beginning and middle of this well written book. I really think it's more of a personal experience but I wouldn't have excepted and ended this book with the Disney theme ending. Especially when you find out it wasn't the first time for the one spouse .I really liked the family dynamics and the the story it was just the ending that left me feeling not pleasantly surprised but unpleasantly disappointed in the characters behavior and his pass .Overall 3.75 star read .I will definitely try Ms .Steel again though for sure .
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