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Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2014
This is an excellent survey on the status of "Standard English" in comparison to other dialects, particularly Black English. It is written in a colloquial style with a sense of humor and, above all, fairness in presenting various views on the issues. Useful advice on the teaching of the standard, especially to African-Americans raised in their home dialect, is forceful and convincing. All teachers with such students would greatly benefit from reading this book. The students would profit also.

The flaws consist of nothing Dr. McWhorter was responsible for, but the publishers of this Kindle edition. It is the sloppiest ebook I have ever seen and I have some 700 of them. Page after page of printing errors in a book that relies on some precision of language to make its point make this almost unreadable except to the most dedicated of readers. In addition, formatting causes virtually every quote, of which there are many, to be confined to a column some fourteen characters wide, requiring a vertical reading pattern most of us are unused to.

This may be a case where the physical book is to be preferred.
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