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Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2013
By the third book, I think most authors rely on the fact that they wrote two good/entertaining books, and the readers will read a third book just because. But how often can you say the third book is your favorite? I know I can here. With so many twists and turns, I could not predict what would happen next, which made it all the more fun to read. After three books, I easily get annoyed with many female heroines who have silly notions in their head. I should be annoyed with Gabi, and he constant trouble magnet kills, but never once. I think it is because the author did such a wonderful job developing her character, and making a truly believable young girl who is forced to mature at an accelerated rate. To me, Gabi is a real (while maybe not almost 18--a little older perhaps) young woman, but isn't that what living in that era does to a girl, makes them mature faster?

I also like that the book keeps true to the era. The people if Sienna and Florence are in awe and not always in a good way at the time traveling family. They are obviously out of place, but have enough sense to not take it too far and get the people too riled up (not that this is necessarily how things turn out for them). All in all, a wonderful series that will entertain you to the very end, and then some.
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