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Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2021
I want to like this series, and hopefully I will. This is the first book by this author I've read and really like the concept of the game warden not only having to deal with what nature law breakers throw at him but also having to deal with his own agency. Unfortunately, I found the main character to be a bit ineffectual and wishy-washy. Having your own weapon seized from you might do that but this character has such an inferiority complex he seems quite frozen and incapable of action. He doesn't have to be a Jack Reacher or Mitch Rapp kind of action man but he needs to be a bit more assertive.

Unfortunately, I've begun reading the second book in this series and find that two years after the events of the first novel, he hasn't improved. He is totally intimidated by a rancher/lawyer who owns the cattle killed by an explosion which Pickett simply is trying to inform him about. This guy really needs to develop a stronger backbone. Still hoping things get better in future books.
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