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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 26, 2021
Book is fine. Not awesome. Not bad. I’ll finish the series.

But seriously you guys… could this author at least google a location before trying to set a story there? Canton is absolutely no where near the bayou. There are no swamps. It’s in the middle of the state. Jackson is not on the Mississippi River. It’s like 4 towns and forty miles away. How tall the hotel with the river view? It is so jarring to be thrown completely out of this book for things that could easily have been avoided by simply looking at a map before typing a location. Pick a town way further south to be home base. Go stay in a hotel in New Orleans. Easily fixed.

I do appreciate that the characters aren’t all speaking in horrible accents or otherwise being submitted to southern tropes. So at least there is that.
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