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Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2020
Yet another tome in the Trump scandal series.

WRITING: Typical Woodward style. Not a classic, but very readable with solid editing.

LANGUAGE: More “f-words” than some will like, but this is the language used today.

ANYTHING NEW: Well, on specifics, yes, unless you’ve been watching the recent excerpts posted in the news, ‘fake’ and ‘real.’ What strikes me most, though, is Trump’s gall to tell supporters COVID is overblown, or a hoax, while telling Woodward how dangerous it is.

Honestly, when I got this book I was prepared to yell bloody murder. Then, as I poured over Trump’s words, I came to realize how similar the man is to the murderer on Colombo. He’s so much smarter than anyone ever suspected, and toys with his pursuers in a game of cat and mouse while handling great threats to our nation.

At last, I do understand Trump, thanks to Woodward’s probing into how Trump actually thinks.

The bizarre aspect is that Trump took part in several recorded, face-to-face interviews, knowing Woodward would make the recordings public. Then, when the book comes out, Trump calls Woodward a has been, or some such nonsense, and his fellow GOP leadership takes Trump’s side. Why?

Are they gutless, clueless, or just playing games with their followers and Woodward?

Enjoy the book. It shows us volumes of information that will serve as grist for universities studying politics and psychopaths.

Bottom Line

Five stars out of five.
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