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Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2019
The aggressive campaign to increase the US Navy to 600 ships (while replacing obsolete WWII warships) and deploying the modernized fleet forward close to the Soviet Union was central to America's successful victory in the Cold War. Secretary of Navy John Lehman was a very important and visible leader in this critical effort. As a mid-grade US Navy officer during the Reagan naval rearmament I participated in a number of the 7th Fleet exercises mentioned in this book and attended the Naval War College. I very much looked forward to reading this book.

Unfortunately I was disappointed. Several times I came close to quitting but decided to read on hoping it would become more worthy of my time. The prose ran together and was hard to follow especially in the first half of the book. The book does not present new Cold War naval strategy and tactics well other than to build the US Navy back up to 600 ships, move to an offensive mind set and operate north of the GIUK Gap (Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap) close to the Kola Peninsula. The author spends a lot of time and many pages naming well deserving naval officers in America's naval renaissance but provides little information on major topics such as the air defense of aircraft carriers hiding in Norwegian fjords and new ASW (anti-submarine warfare) technology. Unfortunately there are better books on the US Navy in the Cold War.
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