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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 27, 2021
I think Facebook did a great thing with this "new" release of the quest 2. The headset itself feels quite nice, although the strap is definitely something to work on, it's way too front heavy. It's also extremely uncomfortable using glasses, unfortunately. Even with that said, the Oculus link feature was the only reason I bought this headset; and it's everything I could of asked for. My internet isn't even that good, all it needed was my laptop to be connected by ethernet for a smooth, high quality PCVR experience that I could take ANYWHERE IN THE HOUSE! I only had slight lags and stutters, but that's likely just my mediocre hardware. I'm a bit bummed by the comparably smaller control scheme compared to something like the vive.

If you really want to have the best experience with this headset though, then don't put away that wallet just yet. At the very least, a new strap would be optimal, and I'd stay away from the first party elite strap. A new face cover might be good for you as well, as the default foam cover isn't the best for everyone.

Overall, this headset is a great step in the right direction for vr tech. Although, out of the box, it should be subject to some modifications; which some could call a feature.

One more thing, don't worry about the whole Facebook account thing. If you're fine with using whatsapp or Instagram, this shouldn't be a problem either. It's not like Facebook with Oculus is a new thing either, as Facebook has owned Oculus for 7 years now.

Edit: after about a month of use, this headset has now become the most annoying piece of tech I own. The one feature I bought this for (Airlink) is straight garbage over half the time, im spending more time trying to fix this failure than I am actually using it. Connection hilariously unstable over ethernet with completely random performance drops. So both an unstable and sometimes unplayable experience that I paid 300 dollars for.
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