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Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2021
Teaching Yourself To Teach is not only a practical book about how to become a better teacher. Rather, what impressed me the most was the level of detail the author went into discussing the various learning styles of students.

All Students Have Their Own Dominant Learning Styles:
1) Auditory Learners: excel at remembering what they hear; they respond well to rhythms, rhymes, music, and sounds; use sound effects when telling stories; play audiobooks

2) Kinesthetic Learners: prefer physical movement and activities; they learn best while moving; they tend to have advanced fine-motor skills; they thrive at role-playing

3) Logical Learners: excel at mathematics and reasoning; they enjoy categorizing and classifying; they are good with numbers, identifying cause and effect, and thinking strategically

4) Naturalistic Learners: respond well while they experience nature; they are observational learners quick to notice when things change; often they become scientists

5) Read + Write Learners: prefer written words; they are talented note-takers; enjoy word games; tend to choose creative occupations

6) Social Learners: respond well to social interaction; strong leadership skills; good at listening and identifying facial expressions; extroverts who love collaborating with others

7) Solitary Learners: prefer to study on their own; keep to themselves; introverts who need a quiet environment; love study guides; independent and creative

8) Verbal Learners: excel at literary and language studies; use their linguistic skills for writing and communicating; enjoy giving presentations; tend to be educators

9) Visual Learners: love visual aids like images, diagrams, colors, pictures, film clips, drawings; tend to have careers in design, art, photography, and architecture; learns well with flashcards

Students are more motivated to learn when they can do so using their own preferred learning style. The author recommends a blended learning environment that uses the best parts of traditional learning and adds the innovative aspects of online learning. Many online lessons can be delivered in a variety of learning styles so students can learn in their preferred manner.

The book also covers the importance of classroom management and shares valuable tips on creating a fun learning environment that is motivating for all types of learners. Also discussed is the fine art of lesson planning that teaches the different parts of an effective lesson.

I highly recommend this book for any teacher or aspiring teacher. Whether you are new to teaching or have been teaching for years (and want to refine your skills). This is a fantastic read.
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