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Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2014
i read all of kim stanley robinson's books. he's my favorite science fiction writer.

this is easily the fastest moving, easiest to read, easiest to understand, book of his. it's also a very spiritual book, which shows us the very likely truth that early men/women had our same questions/awe/poetic explanations about the cosmos and its mysteries.

this story of cavemen creates people who become very real as we read about their daily lives/loves/concerns. although their time is very removed from ours, many of their fears/loves/pains/pleasures are basic to our species. the characters were movingly portrayed.

i was very touched by the scenes written here, showing the love, care, and emotional attachment we all (well, a lot of us) have for family and friends. that has not changed in all the millennia since, and might be our greatest strength as a species.

when i read about the cave paintings, i just got chills.....the words almost seemed to bring me right to those very moments in time, when early painters created their work using rudimentary tools, yet using their artistic/visual skills to replicate what they experienced, as they observed and hunted animals.

there is some beautiful poetry here, and some haunting portrayals. very highly recommended.
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