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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 23, 2020
Scotland 1304
When the English continued to try to take over Scotland, the Scottish Grants continued to defend their land and people! When the Grant cousin's heard a scream and came upon some reivers taking a Scottish Lass, Alasdair Grant did not hesitate to rescue her. Their first meeting and what a grand one it was! He thought her so beautiful and she knew he "was definitely a Highlander, what the English would refer to as a savage Scot. A Scar along his right jawline didn't detract from his appeal one bit-indeed, it enhanced his good looks, it that were even possible." Sigh.. of yes.
Unfortunately Emmalin MacLintock had been forced to marry an Englishman by order of King Edward. She did all she could to keep everything smooth so she could stay in her home with her servants, who were like her family. But it was not a happy union for her.
But fate has a way of pulling people together and when Emmalin's husband dies unexpectedly, Alasdair comes back into the picture.
Keira Montclair has woven a story that touched on all the emotions needed for the perfect tale. Betrayal, loss, heartache and a love that could not be denied. Amazing characters that seem so real and Scotland coming alive as they strived for independence and survival. I cannot wait for the next in this series!!
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