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Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2021
The story was OK.  Unfortunately, the book is full of one of my biggest pet peeves, firearm usage.  Some examples include:

- Chambering a round when a round should already be chambered (if it was fired recently, did they eject the round without a magazine in to eject it and just placed the magazine back in without chambering a new round) 
- Finger on the trigger or trigger guard (ironically enough, causing characters to experience negligent discharges)
-  Semi-auto handguns "clicking" empty (unless this is a revolver - it occurred with semi-autos in the book - this isn't likely to happen unless a malfunction has occurred) 

There are others but these are some of the examples.  Most of these could have been addressed with some Internet research or watching videos.  There is just too much information on how firearms work.

These missteps take you out of the suspension of disbelief that is required in reading.  As a result, I can't recommend this book or, sadly, any of the authors other works until this is addressed.  I don't expect the author to be a high-speed operator or run-and-gunner but a little research goes a long way to weaving a believable tale.

The best works of fiction, are fact based.  That includes firearm depiction.
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