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Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2021
In "The Lost Tech," author Vaughn Heppner sends his hero Captain Maddox again into the grinder, this time to save earth from a potent weapon that could wipe it out. The weapon, referenced in the title, boasts an ancient pedigree, a piece of the arsenal left throughout space by the seemingly extinct Builders. An enhanced human who wants to destroy humanity to preserve the integrity of planets and space won the race to master the new tech, and at first Maddox has no idea even where to launch his investigation. The trail had gone cold. But Maddox, and Heppner, don't stew for long. This is a Lost Starship novel, and the 13th in the series doesn't disappoint. Maddox heads into new challenges. The writer ramps up the difficulties faced by the Star Watch agent and his crew to new heights. He brings on pretty nasty creatures that may present problems in future installments. And he keeps the series fresh. I had been on a Maddox binge as I had let the series slide while I tackled new novels with my latest job as a high school librarian. But over the summer, I read the remaining novels in the series. I felt serious disappointment at the conclusion of this one, since I'd already read No. 14.
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