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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2021
I read all of Frank Herbert's Dune novels after over a decade of interest in the series. The COVID 19 quarantine allowed me the extra time to pick the books up. The universe is amazing and Frank Herbert was a superb writer with an exceptional imagination. His writing style was thought provoking and poetic.

I then started reading his son's (and Kevin J. Anderson's) work and I noticed a sharp difference. Their books are more straightforward and action packed. But when reading The Butlerian Jihad, I had a phenomenal time. They expanded on the Dune universe in a fun and intriguing way. People hate on them for not being Frank Herbert. So what? Stop being a snob! Once they are gone someone else will take over and have their own take (and so on). Just have fun and enjoy this universe!
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