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Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2022
4 1/2 stars-

This was another great book by Fiona Davis. In fact, any book I have read by her so far has been wonderful. Fiona Davis is a master of the dual timelines deftly weaving between the two stories and seeing how they become connected.

It’s 1919 and Angelica aka Lillian Carter is an artist’s model whose face is seen on some of the most famous statues in New York City. But being in the wrong place at the wrong time she gets caught up in a scandal. It’s by accident she gets the job as Helen Frick’s personal secretary. Helen Frick is a daughter of the head of the prominent Frick family and loves reviewing the fabulous books and materials her father collects for his personal library. In fact, the Frick family is a real life upper class family and later Helen Frick finds the Frick Museum based on her father’s personal collection.

Lillian, as she goes by here to hide her identity is responsible for organizing the materials in this collection and assist Helen in organizing her schedule and the family household. As she learns more about the family, she discovers some interesting family secrets and becomes embroiled in a mystery.

Meanwhile in the 1960s, Veronica, an upcoming model lands a shoot in the Frick Museum. Due to a blunder on Veronica’s part and an unpredictable snow storm, she gets locked in the museum with an intern who got caught in the museum because he overslept. They have a mystery of their own to solve when Veronica stumbles upon clues on a about art and other items in a treasure hunt of sorts. It poses some interesting dilemmas for Veronica who has some family struggles of her own.

This was such an interesting story and I loved both mysteries and how they tied together. I really enjoyed all the main characters and everything was so well written. I highly recommend this book.
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