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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2018
This works great with excel. I use it to perform simple inventory functions, nothing fancy. I only have a few hundred item that need inventoried twice a year and the occasional check in/out function. I have tried expensive and over priced software/hardware packages before but never could get the software to work as quickly and as effectively as my excel spreadsheet I have kept for years. All I really needed was a way to more quickly get the data into either a search box in excel or in a column during a full inventory. This works perfectly. No software needed (I just use excel but it will drop data wherever you put the cursor), no drivers needed. Just plug it in and load up Excel or what ever your using:)
Gives a pleasant chirp when it has accurately scanned the tag and even automatically moves down 1 cell so your ready for the next tag without having to move the cursor. Stays in the colum you put it in too which not all do. Some automatically move to the next row by first column or some don't move at all. This is exactly what I needed. Now I can use my excel spreadsheet and this to take inventory fast and easy. Love it.
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