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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 31, 2021
This is everything I’ve wanted in a tablet for my child. He has an iPad, but has literally not used it since he got the fire. It’s perfect, here’s why.
- The battery life is great.
- The fact that it only displays downloads when we are somewhere with no wifi, saves me one million questions. (Amazon should honestly market that in the blurb.)
- The parental controls are easy and I can pick and choose which ones he can use.
- The expandable storage is so easy. He can take all the photos and videos that he wants and I won’t have to clear them out every couple of weeks to make more room.
- We did not download the YouTube Kids app and it’s life changing. No more bizarrely sexist videos of grown woman playing with dolls. However, we still have Blippi.
- Love having access to Kids+
- Love all of the traditional Kindle/Prime features (books, music, educational games, non-educational games)
- The kickstand is amazing and does not fall over of my child breathes on it. It’s also a great handle.

Things to note
- My child is 4 1/2
- He’s had an iPad for an embarrassing long time, so he is super comfortable using a tablet.
- We had gotten him a kindle fire 7 and just put a kids profile on it a couple years ago and this upgrade makes all the difference in the world.
- We are a kindle family, so the interface is not new or foreign to us.

Honestly, I love this over the iPad for my kid, because the iPad is not made for children. It is durable, absolutely. However, the fire is made for him and it’s laid out in a way that I know what he is watching and when he goes to download games and videos, they are appropriate.
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