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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2018
You get a mystery card with no value, so you think okay well I'll check the balance. Per the BACK OF THE CARD it says go to to check the balance so I do. You enter the card number and nothing. The only button on the page says apply balance so I'm thinking well maybe I can just delete the card from my account after I have to jump through these hoops to even figure out what amount is on the card. NOPE. You have to contact amazon to get it removed and I'm on chat with the guy for over 10 min trying to explain it's a gift and I don't want it on my account before he finally gets what I mean and removes it. Of course now I'm worried the balance is gone and I want to check and make sure it's still good before giving as a gift. But I can't. UGH.

I read a lot of reviews of people saying they had issues and I assumed it was them, not amazon. I would never buy an amazon gift card ever again after this. I'll pay the 5 bucks to get a visa that is literally zero drama. Thank you for nothing, like always, amazon.
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