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Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2007
I was originally driven to write about my disappointing encounter with Sandworms several months ago, and my review was also "lost" in the nether-world of censorship. After looking at the 5-star and 4-star ratings on this book, I wondered to myself "Did they read the same book I did?" or "Maybe they were paid to put a high rating review in", or maybe, just maybe they got confused about what book they read, because reviews for "Cat in the Hat" belong in the children's section because they obviously did not read the same book I did! Don't get me wrong, I am a DIE-HARD Dune LOVER. I recommend the reading to anyone and everyone who hasn't had the privilege to experience it. After reading the over-rated hot air reviews, I felt obligated to re-add my 1-star review back for others to see for themselves.

I have read every single book that deals with the Dune series. From the moment that a friend of mine loaned me their copy of a truly sorry excuse of a dog-eared mutt of a book, I was hooked! I believe that it took me almost 3-months to read Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune, and "believe you me", that was FAST for me back then (I was a painfully slow reader). The worst part of reading it back in 1980 (before many of you were born) was that I had to wait for God Emperor of Dune to be published! I was truly saddened when Frank Herbert passed away because I thought there would never be another Dune book published, and there was so much more left unsaid.

Then out of nowhere came Brian Herbert and Anderson. I absolutely loved the books they put out! The histories of the Dune families, and the ancient history of WHY computers were forbidden! I was like a kid in a candy store! I couldn't wait for the next installment! When Hunters of Dune came out I enjoyed the book, but not as much as the previous books, then along came Sandworms of Dune. I was so anxious to get my hands on a copy I did an advanced order so I could get it as soon as possible.

When it finally arrived, I curled up in my chair and began to read one of the most disappointing books I have ever laid my eyes on! In fact I felt insulted!! I thought the conclusion to such a GREAT series would go out with a BANG! It didn't even have the decency to just fade away! This book is more like an insulting cowardly whimper!!!!! Here in front of me is what was supposed to be the culmination of one of the greatest science fiction stories ever written, and I felt like I was reading a Readers Digest abridged version. It was hurried, poorly written, and grossly unfocused. Did I mention I was sorely disappointed?!?!?! It felt like a parody! Like Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson couldn't wait to "wash their hands" of this burden. The last two books of this series (Hunters and Sandworms) had enough plot lines that could have spanned 6 more books. Instead, the authors tried to wrap everything up in Sandworms, placed a pretty cover on it and said "here, enjoy" knowing that fans would gobble it up.

Plot lines in the books seemed to abruptly cut off leaving the reader going "HUH?" wondering if the editor was randomly snipping pages. Then at the end of Sandworms the authors leave poor Duncan Idaho trying to sum everything up in a "B-grade" movie style narrative thinking that should satiate the readers hunger for a hearty plot-line wrap-up

It truly saddens me to give a Dune series book a 1-star rating. I never thought I would ever do that! I have read all of the post Frank Herbert books at least three times each (except this one and Hunters of Dune), and I have read all of the first 6 books at LEAST 2 dozen times over the last 20 years. Up to this point I would have ranked Children of Dune the lowest because it was a slllooooowwwwww read. But even Children of Dune was well written and unrushed. It had a story to tell and it served it's purpose without insulting the reader.

The ONLY reason I would suggest for ANYONE to read this is if they have already taken the time to read the rest of the series and wanted to know what else happened. Even then I would only suggest that you read this book if you

1. Check it out from the Library
2. Buy it from a yard sale for $1
3. Come over my house and I'll give you my copy for free

DON'T waste your money on a new copy of this book.
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