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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2020
This book was so bad it made me want to fight someone. I only made it to 26%, and maybe there was a redemption arch coming later but I think I would have been mad at myself if I found the main character redeemable in any way. He’s a rapist and sexual assaulter. So far he sexually assulted her in a room with two others as a “job interview” , threw her around while screaming at her in a way that in no way furthered the plot, referred to her as a “thing” he wanted to own, and allowed a room filled with men to mind rape her.

His “fae power” to make her crawl and beg for him is the equivalent of being drugged. She repeatedly says no, continually tells him not to touch her, and the only time she says anything even bordering on consent is when she’s so deeply drugged she’d mount a tree. I’m all for a trashy fun erotic book that rides that fine line of rough to too much ratio, but I found this book deeply disturbing.
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