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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2018
I just received an email about a new book by Rothfuss available. I immediately clicked the link only to find it is Rick and Morty adventure. Wow, that is disappointing. Rothfuss did state that he had all three books already written and that readers would not have to wait long. Maybe it was true, maybe not. His success with his first two books, and the resulting fame and money that goes along with it is either creating an environment where he has no reason to finish the 3rd, as he can coast on his previous books, or his editors didn't like the 3rd and asked him for a re-write, and he is procrastinating. He does seem rather conceited and doesn't like it when people criticize him. All I see is that he tours all the time, brags about his many activities on his blog, and is doing everything but writing the 3rd book. Bringing out an "Anniversary Edition" of his first book is a sickening commercialization of the series that he hasn't even finished. He feels no shame in exploiting his initial success. I suspect he will never bring out book 3 because his is afraid that it will not measure up, and he would be unable to handle that criticism. Instead, he will continue to capitalize and monetize his existing books, write nonsense in the meantime, and pretend to be one of Fantasy's great authors. Of course, I am just a lowly reader and this is just my opinion.
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