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Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2011
The enticing title and graphic cover for "How to build a dinosaur" by Jack Horner certainly captivated by attention. If you choose to buy this book or borrow one from a friend you should lower your standards. This book digresses early on in semi-relevant stories and descriptions of paleontology. The final two chapters focus on the books discuss the possible way of creating a dinosaur called (seriously) a "chickenosaurus" based on the evolutionary pedigree of this modern-day favorite low fat food. The author states that the way to do the bioengineering is to expose an embryo to timed growth factors and genetic feedback sequences in development. He states he needs lots of grant money to do the project, which hasn't been funded apparently. The publisher is clearly complicit in the unrefined effort...only a few and poorly selected black and white illustrations are randomly placed in this book. Why? Are there not multiple possible images that would enhance the proposed project? The editor also was quite AWOL on his job...numerous times the author states "as I said before" and so forth, which is distracting and could be easily eliminated on a needed additional edit or two. This book is short on substance, was poorly edited and should have been lavishly illustrated, even if color and photo plates were eliminated. I could write more, but need to go eat my roasted chickenosaurus...and watch Jurassic Park, which of course is science fiction, but more credible in its scientific storyline than this book!
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