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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 18, 2014
Bourne & Tributary were wonderful continuations of an already great series. The River of Time Series has been delightful entertainment for this 62 year-old grandmother, as well as a wonderful glimpse back into Italy in the 1300's via two time travelers and their parents who, as archeologists, demand that the girls say or do nothing that will skew history. As Gabriella and Marcello are now wed, the author gives voice to Evangelia, the younger sister, and she and Gabriella guide the reader through the ongoing struggle between the cities of Siena and Florence. Lord Greco, a member of the secret brotherhood to which Gabi's Marcello and Lia's Luca belong, comes as a marked traitor/captive to be executed by the villain Lord Paratore at his villa, which lies next to Marcello's own. The battle fought to try to free Greco is a decisive one in the series, and sets the tone for both of these novellas. Rodolpho Greco emerges as a man with a death wish, and Lia feels she will never be the same, due to amount of killing that has been done with her archer's arrows. The resolution of the many conflicts of this story is well done and satisfying. Kudos galore to Bergren for her skill in presenting loyal, unselfish, loving relationships, whether they are familial, friendships, or budding and maturing romance. While she is not in-your-face with an overt Christian message, her words are well chosen, and her applications are meaningful and deep. I have just discovered that the final installment for this series is in the writing--Deluge! It will be released sometime in 2014--Happy Day!
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