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Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2018
This book was a total disappointment; what it lacked in humor and/or charm it made up in meanness and pointless vulgarity. I'm no prude by any means and quite enjoy naughty humor when it's actually funny, but this book failed to get even a smile out of me, much less laughter. I question whether the artist/author even likes cats, as the themes are based on negative stereotypes of cats and seem to come from finding their behavior annoying or frustrating, not from finding it even remotely endearing (as any cat lover would.) Also worth mentioning, there's a section called "How To Tell If Your Cat Is A Raging Homosexual" that I, an acknowledged raging homosexual, found especially unfunny as it only reinforces outdated stereotypes (though not maliciously.) If I had to find something positive to say about this book, I guess it would be that it's an equal-opportunity offender: offensive to cats, offensive to humans, and offensive to a reader's intelligence. And if you're a stickler for grammar and/or spelling, keep your red pencil handy; you're going to need it. I wish I could leave a score lower than 1 star and get my money back.
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