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Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2020
Keep this in mind, while reading this: I have a 2100sq ft house that is 100% electric. A 4-ton Carrier inverter heat pump/AC unit, ALL LED lighting in my house, well pump, Whirlpool inverter refrigerator, 3CU FT chest freezer and small beer fridge and 30 gal water heater.

So I purchased this, but had not had a chance to really put it to its limits till tonight. Tonight I did exactly that during a power outage after losing power for a few hours after a storm. Previously I had installed a GE 30 Amp Temporary Power Inlet T030N (RECOMMENDED!) and used this cord as the interconnect.

I hooked it up to my Champion 7k /8750 peek (100520) inverter generator and it ran most of my house for 3hrs without an issue (AC at third stage, fridge, freezer ALL lights without issue. My previous 15kw generator and 50amp cord ran EVERYTHING listed at the star of the review, no problem.

This was a diff scenario as I downsized my generator after switching to LED lighting and an inverter heat pump. I needed to push things further so I shut down the AC and ran the water heater and well. together as it sucks to not be able to take a hot shower if the power is out multiple days (Has happened to me before living in a hurricane zone!) I ran the well and water heater together tonight and it ran at 25amps a leg (30+ surge when well kicked on). After running it for a while, I got utility power back. When I disconnected this cable, the male pins were still cool, which tells me there was not much resistance a the male pins (resistance=heat build up = NOT GOOD!).

Bottom line, it had true molded plus on each end and I pushed it to it's limits before the generator hit it's overload point and it performed as I would have expected.

Buy it, it is good quality and trust it to power my house in the next power outage!
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