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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2014
The Batman & Robin team of Dick and Damian is one of the best things to happen to Batman in years. The stories are still pure Batman, but they have a different dynamic because of these characters. Dick Grayson's light-hearted character was always perfect as a counterpoint to Bruce's dark, grim Batman. Now we get Damian as a Robin who's arguably more grim than Bruce and a lighter Batman who's trying to rein in his mentor's son.

I really enjoyed Dick's personal struggles with replacing Bruce. The lack of confidence, dealing with Damian, and even going back to a costume with a cape all add interesting new dimensions to Batman. And it's definitely fun to have Batman cracking one-liners while fighting the bad guys.

I also think Morrison was very smart to add some new villains in this book. Dick and Damian get to go up against new guys at first instead of being stuck with Batman's traditional Rogue's Gallery. This helps remind you that this is a new team and lets the story focus on Batman and Robin instead of getting overshadowed by the Joker or other famous villains.

Grant Morrison's Batman run can be controversial, but to me this book is just great comics that make you want to read more.
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