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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 31, 2019
I was glad to bought this book it actually reconnected the reader back the first 2 books. The main story in this book is there a better world after the fall but you must wanting enough to fight for and if you die your friends will better of
This book starts in Portland and you follow the path of the main character from there to Louisiana up Philadelphia and back down. His goal the start was to fulfill his last assignment as an Agent to go Philadelphia and kill the head of an organization that started the war but when he arrived he finds there is an issue called Clowns who are like him and he must solve that issue first. After escaping the Clowns he runs into a group called the Farmers. Now he has a new goal and one that will get rid of the Clowns and help reunite a portion of the US by opening traded routes from Louisiana to Philadelphia which will bring in much needed items like food, fuel and civilization and help him build an army to take the fight to the Clowns and take back Philadelphia from them.
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