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Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2019
I signed up for an ARC but I didn’t get it through there I got it when it went live so yea anyways was so waiting for this story since the first time i met Shane he got me so intrigued i just wondered when jonna Blake was going to right him I fell in love with him I think he’s now my fave from the Untouchables MC and Cain was my fave now it’s Shane he’s crazy gorgeous and everything you can imagine he’s not as bad as he thought he was yea he did not so nice things but he’s was soo good inside specially when he took an interest in Parker in the beginning he thought she was a boy a 16 year old and even than he wanted to take care of her protect her not knowing anything besides what she told him he was a hero even if he did bad things he was perfect in many ways and like i said so kind if he was a bad as he thought he wouldn’t of wanted to help Parker or provide protect her when he had thought she was a young boy he was just awesome I loved him
Parker I liked her to she’s so sweet and kind since the beginning I liked her she didn’t act all sassy or a pain in the but when Shane wanted to help her out a lot of the times the heroines but up a big fight or act all mad and don’t want to be watched over or taken care of by the hero who only want to help them when there in a bad situation or the hero thinks she might be in danger because of his lifestyle or whatever and wants them to be protected when he’s not around and i get it when they want to be all independent and stuff but sometimes im just like dude stop let him take care of you it’s not bad he’s not doing it cuz he thinks your weak or you can’t do it on your own do to me i liked that Parker let him do all those things for her and she didn’t outnup a fight or a tantrum because she had people watching her and he was taking care of her because really a lot of authors make a lot of the heroines into whining kids throwing tantrums just because the hero wants to take care of them or provide for them so I’m really glad Joanna didn’t do that with Parker this is by far my fave book from the whole Untouchable MC
Read it it so good I loved it
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