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Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2016
“Those were mere peasants. They were local workers from my home village, and the loss of their lives mean nothing to me. All I want is my revenge. I want Jaxon Rasner dead!”

Jaxon is a dead man walking. Eight years ago, he and a colleague faked their deaths to get away from “the company.” When he’s forced out of hiding, shock reverberates, from the fellow agents who’d heard of him to the beautiful Camille, who as his former fiancée has a more personal, vested interest in his unexpected “resurrection.”

Jaxon has to complete the current mission. Camille is an unwilling teammate, refusing to forgive him for faking his death and hurting her. Too much is at stake for Jaxon to allow personal feelings to get in the way. He has to save lives, even though an enemy may be closer than he realizes.

If you’re looking for more Paul Kohler, his shorter works are also amazing. Borrowed Souls is a riveting short story. It offers a cross-section of life in a bureaucracy, with a petty, tyrannical functionary as a boss.

“[He] was trying to fit his head through the neck of his secretary’s blouse. It would have fit, too, if it weren't for her still being in it.”

Linear Shift is a series of four short stories. Single father Peter tries to raise two teens, loses his job, and is on the edge of losing his home. When a face from his military past surfaces with the answer to all of his problems, Peter embarks on an exciting secret mission.
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