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Reviewed in the United States on April 10, 2016
Like many other reviewers I have also read every book in the Joe Ledger series. And like some other reviewers have shared, I also feel this installment is unfortunately not on par with the previous ones.

The first few entries into the Joe Ledger action/adventure odyssey were absolutely riveting. The next few, though still very good, were no longer quite so absorbing. The previous installment was definitely a step or two behind the first two books, and then this one, Predator One, was well off the standard set by Patient Zero and Code Zero (the first two books). It is still a good read, and worth a price of an inexpensive paperback, but it did not offer the level of entertainment of the early books.

I have read quite a few of Maberry other works, and he is clearly capable of truly outstanding work, but sometimes also offers books that are only a notch above average for this genre. Predator One is in the latter category. It could be that Maberry simply is not as excited about this character and his world anymore and doesn't have the same level of creative inspiration for him as he did 5 year ago. I get that. But still, as a reader, it's a bit disappointing.
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