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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2017
Beautifully witty and succinct. truly a masterpiece of social commentary. Flawlessly engaging, fluid and warm in her very English inherent coolness, Mitford makes one feel very much an insider through her observations growing up part of a eccentric, yet conservative, noteworthy family during the war. At times riotously hilarious, and others tragically sad, the vivid wit and unique charm of Mitford's observational style are simply unparalleled. Probably the best book ever written. by the greatest author of all time. Arguably the best of, but still well supported by other gems in her catalogue, such as Pursuit of Love, Don't Tell Alfred and the Blessing. Inherently, irreverently, grand, eloquent and most elegant books, one can't help but feeling some of the sheen rubs off upon reading. Massively enjoyable and entirely recommended.
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