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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 3, 2016
I purchased this set of retro toys for my 12 year old daughter from St Nick and I am 50% satisfied. The toy that is the circle works great! You put the magnet on the metal and start spinning, the spinner lights up and changes color, and the lights stop when the spinning stops. Wonderful fun, she can't put it down! The long toy, however, must be defective as it is the opposite of the circle and not as satisfying. First of all, the spinner lights up the second it touches the metal - which might not be a problem except for battery drain if it is left on. Second, the magnetic prongs must not be aligned properly because as it moves it vibrates and is not a smooth ride like the other toy. Finally, and the most disappointing, the part that the spinner sits on must be misaligned too because it just doesn't stay put. It will go for a couple seconds then one side falls off. Not much fun. So out of the two toys, only one will get played with and one will probably be left in a corner. I am unhappy because I paid almost $13 for these and only one works :(

(also, as I sit here writing this, the battery of the defective toy has died so now it's even more useless)

*update* 12/20 (sorry it took so long) After I wrote this review I was contacted by the seller and was given a 50% refund for my troubles. Very professional, very friendly, and I would buy with confidence yet again if this is the kind of service I am offered. I am quite satisfied. Thanks again!
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