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Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2020
Freyja's ram was stolen by the dragon they were supposed to pay tithe to. Instead of accepting, she chases after them and strikes curiosity into the wrym--who happens to be a shapeshifter. While the town is turned against her, and a dragon hunter is hired, Freyja finds herself staked as an offering... but who will come for her?

Here's what I didn't like: It had a shallow POV, and part of it was like watching a movie, and other parts were closer. The steamy scenes were fine, but they also felt like they had a different touch, a different voice. Benedickt's POV wasn't necessary

Here's what I liked: Icelandic lore was really awesome! Freyja was strong.

Overall, this book was fine, but most of the time it read like a historical romance smut book, which reminded me of the stuff my mom reads.
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