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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2019
There is so much to say about this book. I nearly fell in love with it, thought it was awesome -loved the characters esp Jolene.
I found her intriguing mystfying. As I read on I found the book to be more than a little bizarre. It was like one person had written the first half, and someone else, the second.

This was more than a twist, it was a 180° U-turn. Don't want to reveal too much so I'll avoid specifics. One thing I found odd, was the little girl, Mercy, the premise for the whole story.
After the first chapter or two she virtually vanished from the story, mentioned here and there in passing. Secondly, Fig- the main char was supposedly married and it was assumed they had split up. Then the ex appears out of nowhere many chapters later almost at the end- was.not once mentioned in the body of the story as an active character. Like a walk-in who only served one purpose- played his part and then exited the book.
To me, there's a big problem if characters are presented as main characters and then kind if disappear or reappear at the author's convenience. Another troubling thing was Jolene's character. I loved her character to the point that I couldn't wait to find out who she was at her core.
So the story was moving along nicely and happened??
It wasn't the twist- I love twists in stories. This was beyond a twist, more like a spiral spinning out of control. It was strange, and not in a good way.
Don't know much about this author. She has tremendous potential, very talented. So I don't understand how/why this would happen?! Have never run across this before. So it was interesting on more than one level.
Anyway, the characters were true to life, story started out normally kept you glued, interesting plot, big twist, ending nothing to write home about. Personally, I was disappointed.
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