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Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2018
My headline is not original, as many reviewers have noted that this next MCU entry is a nice repose (riposa) from the heavy weight we all felt after the last Avengers movie. But, if it were just that, it would feel like a the cinematic equivalent of a pallete cleanser - that is, the in-between food that gets us ready for the next major course in the meal. Ant Man and the Wasp is anything but. Featuring an even more developed main character, ably played by Paul Rudd, and a typically great surrounding cast, this second Ant-Man feature develops its own Mini-MCU by having the eponymous micro hero involved in a significant quest of his own, to save the life of his mentor's wife, and love-interest's Mother. No spoilers here, but getting to see the lovely Michelle Pfieffer in anything these days is a treat, in and of itself. As much as she and Michael Douglas have aged, the film places them in age-appropriate settings while not taking for granted their acting skills or considerable visual appeal. Great stuff, all around, highlighted by the inimitable Michael Pena, who I just love. Even after the disastrous, "CHIPs". And that is saying something.
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